Environment of company
  • Lobby
    Show the corporate culture and spirit of visitors coming in the most straightforward way to render punishable. As to the CIS LOGO be the principal part on LOGO WALL, and in a number of different sizes of beam symbolizes corporate partners, colleagues accompany, achieve a successful career together.
  • Office
    To make four sides face full of natural light stationed, the company adopted an open pleat global planning approach, with its own production of LED indoor lighting, so the overall feel is more wide spacious and bright, orderly hierarchy, success in creating a comfortable, happy working atmosphere, but also created a positive forward Yellow Stone staff, enthusiastic customer service attitude.
  • Warehouse
    Whole day temperature and humidity control in the one hundred level ground storage space, use of seven medium-sized mobile cabinets and resistant to high weight retention categories placed materials, perfect preservation materials and accurately and quickly complete shipping process.
  • Meeting Room
    Meeting Room
    Combined with product display area and the annular seat conference room, advanced projectors and network equipment, feel free to let information flow between employees mutually learn from each other and grow.
  • Staff lounge
    Staff lounge
    The energy-saving, ecological green space design concept planted in form, so that the company can be directly colleagues and visitors to feel the spirit of the company's products and positioning, so the silhouette of planting the way through the mirror repeatedly extended to form the way intention to implement the aforementioned colleagues and visitors in the most relaxing field.