Human Resources
Employees are the company's most important asset of YELLOW STONE CORP. We always believe that there is a high degree of employee satisfaction, there will be a high performance. We cordially invite you to join together to work for the dream.
Job Message::Please inquire to 104 Job Bank
After we receive biographical information, your resume will be immediately passed to the relevant department head. If the head of our company are interested in biographical information, human resource staff will take the initiative to contact you and arrange an interview. If you have not received within two weeks of any notice, it means that your resume has been saved into the file data already. If there is any suitable job opportunity in the future, we will contact you again, thank you.
Compensation & Benefits
Workfare System
  • Year-End Bonus
  • Festival Bonus
  • Birthday gift
  • Wedding or Funeral gifts
  • Employee Training grants
  • Travelling grants
  • Pension Fund
  • Dine together
  • Free parking spaces for cars and motorcycles
  • Free badminton venue
Salary Bonuse
  • Performance bonuses
  • Back office bonuses
  • Employee bonus system
Vacation and Insurance
  • Five-Day Work Week
  • Annual leaves
  • (Paternity)Maternity leave
  • Labor and health insurance
  • Employee Group accident insurance
Training & Development
YELLOW STONE CORP. has a perfect system of education and training for staff developing from creating growth, self-growth, performance growth, growth of the professional skills of the team and provide diversified learning platform for staff at work and learning happily
  • Regular internal training
  • New staff training expertise
  • Corporate culture training
  • Management personnel training
  • Professional Skills Upgrading
  • Employees Experience Sharing
  • Regularly scheduled diversified life seminars
  • Professional / Managerial training courses
  • Intern overseas factory visits